Gabriel Ortega also known as Legend or iiamlegend on Instagram. I am an LA based photographer that has been shooting for about 2 years. Honestly, I am always looking for a journey, always trying to explore the world and capture moments. Creating visuals anytime I find something to be comforting, confusing, emotional, raw, and rugged. I try to keep a balance with styles by being versatile but for the most part, I really admire fashion, vintage especially. something that gives an attitude I want my model to obtain and this feeling of being a different person almost. I just want to inspire and keep creating art with beautiful people. I've been blessed to get as far as I have now, I have much to learn, but I'm ready to do so and can't wait to grow and continue my craft.

Photographer: Legend

Model: Erin Marquez

Stylist: Natalie Garnica

Makeup Artist: Kar