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Perfecting the everyday.. Involves eating healthy, doing activities that make you happy, learning something new, working hard, working out and a good nap.

Undergarments are key.. Only if you’re doing a lingerie shoot ;)

Redress the mannequin: Some models or photographers will have make-up artists or stylists on set. I’ve always preferred to do my own hair, as well as my own make up. I know what I like and what looks best on myself. If you give me your opinion on how I should do my makeup, let’s be honest, I probably won’t listen. I’ve been blessed with style since I came out of the womb, so there hasn’t ever been a need for me to bring a stylist.

What's the most memorable pickup line you've ever heard? Picture this: Just casually walking down the street only to have a guy fall flat on the cement in front of me – “fainting from so much beauty” he called it.

What's one thing you think all men should know? For sure how to clean a house. It’s not the 1950’s anymore; gender roles have actually come a long way since then. There’s no reason why your bedroom floor needs to look like a landfill.

What's your idea of the perfect date? Anything that involves the beach. Or a puppy party, does that count as a date..?

On an average Saturday night what are you doing? Trying to find some champagne at a dive bar.

If you could get to spend one day with someone who, why, when and where would you spend it? My tiny Chihuahua, LuLu. We do almost everything together as it is; she’s my little best friend. The day would be spent outside, hiking together. It would end with us snacking on our favorite Doritos and falling asleep with my hand still in the chip bag.

Do you have a favorite behind the scenes story from a photo shoot? It seems like the most unique shots and the best shooting locations are simply discovered by just wandering around an urban city. This has happened to me on two occasions where the photographer and I didn’t really have a plan. Strolling through a cute town or busy city is sure to give you endless possibilities and photographs.

The industry: is pure creativity. Models and photographers are able to express themselves visually and capture a particular mood with a single photograph. Networking is a large part of it all especially on social media. New faces are appearing by the day. The one thing about this industry that differentiates it from most others is that it is unpredictable and always fun. I’m constantly laughing during a shoot and never ever have I felt frustrated. The best part of it all is seeing the ending results! Photographs are permanent and they’re something you can keep forever. Sometimes, that snap of that awkward position you felt uncomfortable in will turn out to be the best one on the film roll. It’s amazing to see the editing process. That old saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is one hundred percent accurate.


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I shoot with Sony’s a7ii, a77, a77ii 

I’m an introvert/a loner, I like being by myself most of the time! I do like an occasional outing or get together and get creative!

Something you don’t know about me is I can’t read…JK! A lot really, I have green eye and a blue eye (not very noticeable unless you are looking for it), size 11 shoe, love food, i have a crooked nose from that time I fell down the stairs

How it began was with my kids, going to the zoo, birthday parties, then I wanted more of a challenge so I started shoot macro and landscapes then start with models  

The best advice I’ve been given was everyone sucks when they start! Don’t give up, study, research, try new things you will get there!

My favorite thing to shoot….. I really enjoy shooting everything just trying to grow better myself!

The industry for me is fun but crazy! I shoot for a hobby so I can’t talk about the business side but as a hobbyist, It is hard trying to book a shoot with a so call “model” who keeps their word and shows up on time or buying new gear but shit happens.  I love catching light in the perfect moment. Its awesome when everything comes together and you created something beautiful. Everyone has a camera just be yourself, do your art and have fun!